Today’s Scarlett O’ Hara

Hi everyone,

My name is Maria and no, I am not of hispanic descent (although I do love the culture). I am writing a blog on Scarlett O’Hara. I love GWTH and even call myself Scarlett. Yes, an artist would only understand what I mean. Especially one from the acting industry. I literally get into the character to understand the thoughts and feelings. It wasn’t hard since I already identify with the character. She could even be my twin, if she was living today. We look so much alike! A lot of people have told me so, although I have to admit right now, I am a redhead (not a natural one). I am a brunette. I do however, in real life have a twin, but a fraternal twin. I am trying to talk her into creating a blog about Grace Kelly or Jane Mansfield (this is because she has certain features that make her look a lot like them). Anyway, I noticed on Facebook the other day that a blog was put up on Vivian Leigh’s page on who should play Vivian Leigh in her 40’s. It is a small part, because the movie is really on Marilynn Monroe,  with other old time actresses such as Vivian Leigh. I am however, 24, so I know this isn’t for me. I wrote that the role basically was meant for me if anyone is interested. I am soon to be a double major (English and Theater) at ODU in Norfolk, VA. The best is yet to come! I do however, know that I born to play the role of Scarlett in some type of movie. Here is one I was thinking: Rhett Butler’s people (a new book that should be a movie). I have a Rhett in mind to: Robert Downey Jr. I tried to contact him on Facebook once and I really do think I talked to the real one. I even suggested this role to him and how I could be Scarlett  He wrote back: Hahaha maybe, let me talk to my wife about that, she is a producer. I haven’t talked to him since, after all, maybe he thinks the idea belongs forever to the king, Clark Gable. I don’t think a fake would mention his wife like that; but alas, maybe I will never know…. anyway, yes, I am a gone with the wind fanatic, and come check me out on facebook ( a redhead, soon to be brunette, what I was born with). I hope one day I do meet Robert Downey Jr. and ask him if that was really him. I would love to hear views on GWTW if anyone has one, and Vivian Leigh! Also, any producers or directors interested? Come check me out!


About twina24

I am a Gone with the Wind fanatic. I even call myself Scarlett and want to some day play Scarlett in a movie role..hint hint there is a book called Rhett Butler's People that should be made into a movie. I am today's Scarlett; I have been told I look like her (look past my red hair, it is not real anyway) Read the recent blog I wrote called Today's Scarlett, and make some comments. I look forward to hearing from you all. Currently, there is a search going on for the next older version of Vivian Leigh (when she was in her 40's). It is a film on Marilyn Monroe with Vivian Leigh in it (a bit part) I am waiting for the search to begin for the younger version. Can' wait. Yes, I am a twin. (fraternal) but we do tend to confuse people because of our similar looks
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