Julia Ormond to play older Vivien Leigh (bit part)

Go Check out the viven leigh blog on facebook. I think they could have picked someone a little younger, although I did love her in First Knight. I don’t think those Hollywood actresses can pull it off. It has to be someone from europe or ahem, someone that has a lot of european blood (me) hint hint. Any suggestions? Sometimes it takes someone people wouldn’t normally pick because of lack of experience or fame


About twina24

I am a Gone with the Wind fanatic. I even call myself Scarlett and want to some day play Scarlett in a movie role..hint hint there is a book called Rhett Butler's People that should be made into a movie. I am today's Scarlett; I have been told I look like her (look past my red hair, it is not real anyway) Read the recent blog I wrote called Today's Scarlett, and make some comments. I look forward to hearing from you all. Currently, there is a search going on for the next older version of Vivian Leigh (when she was in her 40's). It is a film on Marilyn Monroe with Vivian Leigh in it (a bit part) I am waiting for the search to begin for the younger version. Can' wait. Yes, I am a twin. (fraternal) but we do tend to confuse people because of our similar looks
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